Citizenship of The North Barchant Kingdom

The Kingdom of North Barchant stands by the slogan inscribed on its coat of arms: “Vitam et libertatem” – “Life and freedom”. It means respect for and defense of freedom, independence of the citizens, careful attitude to their life and health.

At the moment, with the permission the head of state, Queen Anna Macco, The Department of Immigration and Naturalization pursues a two step policy of granting the citizenship in order to expand the multinational family of the young state. We see no obstacles in granting the citizenship of the Kingdom of North Barchant to any honest and freedom-loving person, who expresses their will and desire, and also is ready to follow the Constitution of the Kingdom of North Barchant.

  • The first step for an applicant for the citizenship is the Kingdom of North Barchant Citizenship Card, or a Blue Card of North Barchant. The card is issued to persons aged 16 and older for a one year period. It allows them to participate in individual projects conducted by the Kingdom of North Barchant. The most active participants will be able to become the citizens of the Kingdom, that will give them additional opportunities to participate in social and political life of the state. Everyone can fill out the application form to receive a Blue Card of North Barchant using the link.
  • The second step is to become a citizen of the Kingdom of North Barchant on the basis of a personal decision of the Monarch, for special services to the Kingdom. This step also refers to the most active applicants with a Blue Card of North Barchant. A package of documents is put together with the use of the personal information given by a citizen.