Frequently Asked Questions

A virtual state – what is it?

According to Wikipedia, a virtual state partially possesses the signs of a state, in the usual sense of this word, such as symbols, structure and citizens.

If the state lacks a full set of state features, such as territory, recognition by the UN, it is classified as virtual, or a microstate. This is a virtual state in brief.

WE are the state of the 21st century. We will write its history, and each of you may be a part of it. Follow us, advise us and help us. Let's do it together!

Where is the KoNB situated?

First of all, the KoNB is in the hearts of its citizens. In fact, a virtual state is situated in the information space, as a stream of terabytes of data from the Internet, as both our and your knowledge of it, as actions that the citizens of the KoNB complete for the welfare of the whole world.

How did Barchant get its name?

The name «Barchant» comes from the original location of a young microstate – two barges carrying sand, which found their final rest in neutral waters near the Moroccan coast where they were anchored forever. The word «barchan» in the Kazakh language means a sand hill – a symbol of the first home of the KoNB on sand barges.

How many citizens of the KoNB are there and where do they live?

Nowadays there are more than 580 citizens of the KoNB in the world, regardless of their place of residence and nationality, as well as more than 1,400 applicants for the citizenship having a blue card.

What is the state ideology of the KoNB?

Libertarianism is a system of political philosophies and movements, the basic principle of which is freedom. Libertarians seek to maximize political freedom and autonomy. This is a principle of the state system, which our society follows.

What states recognized the KoNB?

Today the KoNB, as a virtual state, is recognized by more than 40 microstates and micronations. We are also negotiating about mutual recognition with 30 similar associations of free citizens.

As for recognition of the KoNB by the UN members, we are working hard on this issue and will try to please our citizens with success in this sphere in the nearest future!

Short- and long-term plans of the KoNB

The KoNB is being formed as a state now.

For this purpose, we have the following primary goals to reach.

1. To expand, strengthen and vary communication relations of the citizens both within the community and with the whole world.

2. To promote the KoNB as a new type of state with progressive ideas and plans, as a state of the future.

Speaking long-term, we will seek recognition by the UN and other international organizations and, as a result, visa-free entry to all free countries of the world for the citizens of the KoNB.

Long-term plans include elimination of double taxation of the KoNB with other countries, providing the citizens of the KoNB with unprecedented tax benefits, support and social protection of the citizens in all spheres.

Why do I need the citizenship of the KoNB? What benefits will I get?

Why do I need the citizenship?

Everyone should answer this question by themselves. As for me, the citizenship of the KoNB is a pass to a new world (though a virtual one), a membership in a club of soul mates, a proof of my free-and-easy understanding of new realities of this world.

Which benefits will I get?

First, answer yourself honestly the question: «What does my state give me?»

Now we are going to tell you what is unacceptable in our state. You do not have to fight or work for our state. No need to pay taxes, excises or other fees. You have no obligations to our state, and the KoNB does not bring pressure on you.

The lack of disadvantages is already an advantage.

Are the citizenship and documents of the KoNB legal?

According to international law, you do not break any rules, because documents, passports of the KoNB etc. are issued by the official authorities of the KoNB, which only justify that you are a citizen of the KoNB, and nothing more. And counting on the fact that the KoNB is not recognized by the UN yet, documents and citizenship of the KoNB are considered by fiscal authorities of traditional states as documents certifying a membership in a private club only.

How to become a citizen of The KoNB and how much does it cost?

The citizenship of the KoNB takes only your desire. Also you should be active and helpful to the Kingdom, fill in an application form and place a request on the official website of the KoNB. The citizenship is free to any adult of the world after passing a trial period and administrative procedures.

Do I need to notify the authorities of the country where I live that I am a citizen of the KoNB?

You should notify only the states that recognize the sovereignty of the Kingdom of North Barchant if required by their national law. Therefore, in most cases you do not need to, as independence of the Kingdom of North Barchant is still recognized only by other virtual states.

How long does it take to examine the citizenship form?

Since all the forms are checked manually, your application will be examined within 5 business days. The ground of rejection is the incomplete filling of the form, the absence of a postal address, a photograph or an identification document.

How long does it take to get my North Barchant citizenship applicant documents?

Due to a large number of applications, we have established a rule that all applications submitted during a calendar month are reviewed from the 1st to the 5th date of the following month. Then we produce applicant and citizen documents, and they are mailed to recipients on the 20th. Those who applied on or after the 1st of the following month will have their documents ready the following month. Unfortunately, we cannot be responsible for postal services and delivery times.

What should I do if I want to open a bank, create a financial system, or a cryptocurrency of North Barchant?

Unfortunately, these projects can’t be currently implemented in the Kingdom. We’re a noncommercial platform, not searching after generation of profit and focused on social and cultural goals.

How can I get a response to an urgent question?

The fastest and most convenient way to get an answer to your question is to send it to However, we should note that we receive a lot of messages, that’s why processing your email can take a few days (depending on the number of incoming correspondence).

To which address can I send you a letter, a postcard or a parcel?

We have a postal box, to which you can send your message at the address: Latvija, Riga, LV-1015. AK 61The Kingdom of North Barchant.

We’ll be happy to get from you a postcard from your travel, a letter with an interesting story or a fascinating artifact.

Thank you for your message!