Principal Provisions of the Constitution

We, the people with a new worldview, who have become the first true citizens of a virtual state of the Kingdom of North Barchant voluntarily and by good fortune, declare that this document represents our values, rights and ideas, and consider the Constitution of the KoNB only true and representing our views.

We, the multinational community of the KoNB, acknowledge ourselves as a part of the global community. Not having our own land and territory we affirm our rights to informational, virtual and other forms of interaction and communication; transfer of any data by the available technologies as well as formation of noosphere.

I, Anna Macco, The First Queen of the KoNB, rejecting outdated dogmas of state regulation and structure, obtaining this Constitution, declare trust in goodness and justice, inviolability of human rights and freedoms both for the present citizens of the KoNB, and for the future generations.

Organization of a society of soul mates, trust of every citizen in our ideals and following this Constitution guarantee the future of the virtual Kingdom of North Barchant.

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