The Kingdom of North Barchant appeared due to titanic and selfless work of a group of people. In May 2010, two barges were left to their own devices in the stormy waters of the Atlantic Ocean by a management company. The technical condition of the barges left much to be desired. The owner, seeking profit only, had been ignoring all the damages, so in the end the engines broke down. When one of the barges failed, the second one tried to take it in tow, but the control system was out of order.

The people were lost in despair. Some sailors were there with their families. They could not look to for help of the management company. The crews of the barges were unable to return home as they did not have money, documents and support from their states. By the time neighboring countries ignored their calls for help, the sailors, fishermen and refugees had already considered floating island-barges as their home, so they launched a campaign to protect their interests, i.e. to obtain the status of a separate and independent political unit.

The struggle for nationhood began. The sailors requested help from various volunteer and charity organizations, but found support and understanding in only one. The Spanish charity foundation CáritasEspañola, HAP, launched a barge-assistance campaign. The barges were provided with food, medicine and hygiene products. One of the most active members of the fund Anna Macco took a patronage of the people in distress. The girl paid a lot of attention to work in volunteer structures. Anna entered the struggle for the rights of the sailors. Supporters stood by her side. Anna carried on a correspondence with ministries of foreign affairs of African and European states in order to resolve legal issues and determine the status of an international group of people who, by the will of fate, had found themselves in a difficult situation.

During personal meetings with all the parties and participants of the incident, Anna Macco took the initiative to unify the rightless people into an independent community to protect their own rights and interests. In her public speeches, she began to call for founding of a free microstate for these people. Thanks to her developed leadership qualities, Anna managed to unify the abandoned crew in order to change their rightlessness, achieve the status of a self-proclaimed Kingdom of North Barchant and make a new state really independent. As a sign of gratitude and respect, the first citizens of North Barchant addressed Anna Macco with a request to lead their struggle and accept the title of the “Queen of North Barchant”. This title has been officially assigned to her since January 10, 2016.

In 2018, at a joint meeting of ministers and members of the Parliament, a decision on a new format of the microstate was made. According to Her Majesty Queen Anna Macco’s decree, the North Barchant Police Department evacuated the Kingdom’s citizens from the barges. After the evacuation was finished, the barges were utilized in an eco friendly way. The current format of a microstate organization is outdated and needs to be replaced. The Kingdom of North Barchant moved to its new life-cycle stage.

State Symbols of the Kingdom of North Barchant

The flag of the Kingdom of North Barchant was designed in 2015 and officially approved by the decree of the Parliament on February 12, 2016. On a three-color flag of blue, red and green there is a golden crown that images monarchy. The red triangle is a symbol of bravery and courage. The blue stripe symbolizes the waters of the ocean washing the territory of the Kingdom of North Barchant, the green stripe means faith and hope. The state emblem of the Kingdom of North Barchant was accepted at the meeting of the Parliament on February 12, 2016.

A coat of arms contains an image of a shield in the rays of the rising sun with the symbols of royal power on it - a crown, a sailing frigate and a golden horseshoe. The shield is held by mythological sea horses on either side. In the lower part of the coat of arms there is an inscription in Latin “Vitam et libertatem” indicating the principles of the state power of the Kingdom - “Life and Freedom”.

The Anthem of the Kingdom of North Barchant was approved at the meeting of the Parliament on February 12, 2016. The anthem is a composition “Grândola, Vila Morena” by Zeca Afonso, the song of Portuguese fighters for freedom; it was taken to show solidarity with them and similarity of paths of struggle for independence.