The Kingdom of North Barchant is a young state. The historical motive and the main prerequisite for the creation of the kingdom was a legal incident that occurred with the two sailors of the ocean barges drifting in the North Atlantic Ocean, for a variety of circumstances thrown together with the crew and the refugees who joined them.

The history of the struggle for establishment of statehood began in May 2010 with the official appeal to the nearby African countries for supplying people, who are on the floating islands with aid and shelter. Crews of these barges had no opportunity to come back home due to lack of funds, documents, and support of their countries.

After the neighboring countries ignored these requests, sailors, fishermen and refugees, by that time already considering floating barges-islands to be their home, began a campaign to protect their own interests and to obtain the status of a separate and independent political unit. They were supported by human rights organizations, voluntary movements and enthusiasts, not indifferent to the fate of the abandoned group of people. This struggle resulted in the proclamation of the Kingdom of North Barchant on September 15, 2015 an independent micro-state.

Following the path of international recognition at the status of an independent administrative unit, the Kingdom of North Barchant has been making all efforts to create a complete structure of statehood and its compliance with international norms and law up to this day.