The Kingdom of Northern Barkant develops information technologies

Northern Barkant is a public open state where politics is based primarily on humanistic values, such as: Equality, Freedom, Respect, Mutual Understanding.

An important place the Government of the Kingdom pays for the development of the media. For this direction in the sovereign state is in charge of the information minister Olin Makoff and Foreign Minister Catherine Moon.

According to the Minister of Information, today the Internet is the main media tool in the Northern Barkhante. The global network allows creating universal sources of information, where all significant events from the life of the Kingdom are reflected.

This is the official site of the North Barhant, a special news portal, a group in social media resources. Information appears on a daily basis, which allows you to be aware of the events that have occurred not only to the inhabitants of the Kingdom, but also to all people who are not indifferent to the life of a sovereign state.