The Kingdom of Northern Barkhant started the issue of coins

According to the instructions of Her Majesty Queen Anna McCo and in order to implement financial policy, the Ministry of Finance issued the first batch of coins of the Kingdom of Northern Barkant.

Coins of the Kingdom have an original triangular shape. On the front side there is the emblem of the kingdom and the inscription "Kingdom of North Barchant". On the back of the coin there is an image of a swordfish, the value of a coin in 2 Bytecoin, an inscription in Latin "Vitam et libertatem", indicating the principles underlying the state power of the Kingdom of Northern Barkant - "Life and Freedom".

The Kingdom of Northern Barkhant first in the world from the existing virtual state mastered the issue of coins with a nominal value in the crypto currency. Since January 1, 2018, the national currency of the North Barthant is Bytecoin. The Kingdom aspires to fully utilize and introduce new technologies.

Coins are created using modern coinage technologies. They are made of a durable and durable material, which is resistant to wear.