The Minister of Finance spoke about the prospects for the development of non-profit public organizations in the territory of North Barthant.

On the eve of the opening of the charity fund "Peace for Children", the Minister of Finance of North Barkhan gave an interview to the journalists of the Kingdom. Pablo Manzana talked about how the activities of non-profit organizations operating in the territory of North Barthant will be regulated.

In accordance with the laws of the Kingdom, all organizations that work at a social start and do not receive profit for their activities are equated to non-profit organizations. First of all, it concerns various charitable foundations and public associations created to solve certain social, cultural, sports programs. More than 40 non-commercial organizations currently operate on the territory of North Barkhant. Most of them were created during the Kingdom formation period - they are engaged in the adaptation of new residents in the local social environment, help children and adolescents to enter educational institutions, organize cultural leisure and entertainment activities. In the main bulk, they have a philanthropic character.

Religious non-profit organizations deserve special attention. "Northern Barkant supports the policy of loyalty, representatives of dozens of cultures peacefully coexist on our territory - with their traditions, beliefs and way of life", said the Minister of Finance. "We do not build religion in the state cult, but we do not impose obstacles for educational or missionary activity . A few restrictions in campaigning or propaganda are described in detail in the Constitution (note prohibition on the propaganda of violence).

The Kingdom authorities are actively supported by many of the local NGOs. If the objectives of the organization and its program of work are found useful for the state or the population, the organizers have the right to rely on state grants. For example, we helped some charitable organizations find patrons and sponsors.