The Department of Health made a proposal to conduct a total vaccination of the population against the measles virus

The civilized world managed to forget about measles - for many years, not a single case of the disease was recorded. The doctors managed to celebrate the triumph and gradually stopped insisting on mandatory vaccination. However, the measles virus turned out to be much more tenacious than WHO specialists preferred to reckon, and decades later began to collect bloody harvest. Having studied the results of numerous studies, the head of the North Barkhan Health Department made a proposal to conduct total vaccination among the population, as well as to make vaccinations against measles in childhood mandatory.

As Otto Trampiter himself said in an interview with the journalist (Minister of Health and Sport of Northern Barkhant), the measles virus poses a serious threat to the inhabitants of the entire European region. During the years of serenity several generations have grown up without immunity to the virus. The disease is extremely difficult to tolerate at any age, but in adult patients the percentage of deaths is much higher. The rash is not the most terrible manifestation of the disease: damaging the walls of blood vessels, the virus can cause brain encephalitis, pulmonary edema and the failure of other internal organs. There is no medicine for the disease, you can only prevent infection. The only way to stop a pandemic is total vaccination. At the same immunity is enough for only ten years - after this period, the vaccination must be repeated.