How the climate change affects the inhabitants of North Bar- net.

The industrial activity of man actively influences the climate of the planet. Over the past decades, scientists have repeatedly warned about the negative impact of ozone-depleting technologies on the climate of many regions. As a result of the accumulation of carbon dioxide in the upper layers of the atmosphere, there is a so-called. "Greenhouse effect", causing melting of Arctic ice and atypical reactions for most climatic zones, such as droughts, floods, hurricanes, etc.

Any ecological catastrophe is a problem of all mankind: a local event triggers a chain reaction, affecting in one way or another all regions of the planet. And if one country suffers from torrential rains that cause flooding, then in another region abnormal heat and drought reigns - in the sum of a humanitarian catastrophe caused by the destruction of the harvest, both countries are waiting.

As Anna Makko said in her interview, "it's very sad when some states earn money, while others pay for it with people's lives." Queen of North Barkhant did not talk about specific countries, most likely it was an aggressive industrial policy in the countries of southeast Asia, where there was practically no drinking water left due to toxic emissions from enterprises.

Not being an agrarian state, Northern Barkant is less dependent on anomalous climatic reactions. However, global climate change can have a very negative impact on the economy of the Kingdom. This is due to the fact that the melting of Arctic ice can lead to a change in the Atlantic currents and the opening of new northern trade routes. The Ministry of Finance has not yet forecast what percentage of transactions in this case will be in jeopardy. Pablo Manzana suggests "not to adjust in advance to the worst option, the possibility of shipping the Arctic remains a big question".