Minimalism as the main style of life for the subjects of the Northern Barant

The limited territory of the microstate Northern Barkant affects the organization of residential space. Ready-made designs of apartments and rooms are developed by a special design bureau. When choosing the style and features of the design of living spaces, designers are guided by minimalism. This style shapes the habits and behavior of people in everyday life.

Modern minimalism is not only the design of a living space, but also a whole lifestyle. Following it, people are able to properly organize a culture of consumption, their working and living space. Minimalism in eating leads to the purification of the body. A minimalism in the space helps to functionally use even a small area of ​​the room.

As the head of the Parliamentary Committee for Culture, Adelina Mahdi, said, minimalism firmly established itself in the culture of the population of North Barkant. "It is impossible to follow humanistic values ​​if social inequality persists in the world. Including caused by excessive consumption. We have standard living quarters, which are completed with furniture in full accordance with minimalism. Natural materials, simple shapes, monochrome light shades. Large windows, lots of air and space. We adhere to the same style in choosing clothes and products. We try to use packaging from processed natural raw materials. No plastic, polyethylene, "- notes Adeline Mahdi.