Results of the spring session of parliament

Among the many issues discussed at the spring session of the Parliament, the most interesting was traditionally the report of the Minister of Finance. Despite the skepticism of critics, the execution of the budget is in line with analysts' forecasts - the expenditures for all state and social programs do not exceed the allocated limits, and the revenues from the Kingdom's trade and economic activity are about 115% of the forecasted volumes.

A considerable interest among journalists was evoked by the report of the head of the Committee on Ecology. Even at the last session of the Parliament, the question was raised about the initiation of full-scale studies of the Northern Barghanta water area. Ekaterina Gretsova read out the preliminary results of the research and acquainted her colleagues with the recommendations of the experts. At the initiative of the profile committee, the issue of establishing its own Marine Research Center was included in the agenda - the government plans to start building it next year.

The heads of the police department and the security committee reported on the situation in the Kingdom in their reports and reported the reports of their departments. A low crime rate indicates a high level of professionalism of law enforcement officers.

As a whole, the results of the spring session of the Parliament were assessed by the experts as fruitful. The main indicators of the positive dynamics can be considered the gradual recognition of North Barchan as foreign powers, the growth of the economy and the full implementation of all state programs.