Archeology and vandalism - the Ministry of Culture gave a detailed interview on the subject of exporting items of cultural heritage from the regions of North Africa.

"History knows a lot of precedents, when the cultural assets of different countries suddenly appeared in the hands of foreign museums or private collectors. Relics often change owners during military operations - lawlessness and devastation serve as a good soil for illegal trade, the war wakes up in the good citizens before the worst instincts. In addition, when there is a choice between feeding their children and preserving historical values, a normal person will always choose the life of loved ones, "the head of the parliamentary committee for culture, Adelina Madhi, began her speech with such words. Shortly before, the police department detained a ship carrying a large consignment of contraband goods at the border, among which were archaeological finds, allegedly related to the culture of the Dogon and the tribes of the Nile Delta. Remnants of ancient weapons, masks and numerous ceramic products will be sent to archaeological offices to clarify the age and the estimated cost - both cultural and monetary equivalent. Based on the results of the examination, the finds will be transferred to the profile museums of the continent.

In most cases, smuggled relics were found by black archaeologists, who are still uncontrolled. The Ministry of Culture of the Northern Barhant expressed concern about the export of cultural goods from the mainland and sent a request to the Queen to tighten the work of the customs and police departments in order to prevent such historical losses.