How the Kingdom's relations with the states of the European region develop.

World experience has proved that the state can not exist in isolation. Trade is one of the main points of contact of different countries and regions, its capabilities can be judged even by the ancient silk way - for its sake, cities were laid and the borders of countries were changing. However, it is impossible to assess the relations of countries solely in terms of their trade turnover - experienced diplomats will always find hundreds of reasons to tie the countries in bonds of friendship and establish good-neighborly relations. North Carpathian Foreign Minister Catherine Moon spoke about the situation of the Kingdom and its relations with the states of the European region.

It is too early to talk about full-fledged cooperation, but the initial mistrust has long been replaced by polite interest. Northern Barkant willingly supports the interest of European partners - attractive business conditions, stable political position, high standard of living.

The conservative policy of the Old World is aimed at universal globalization and unification - in this aspect, the emergence of the Kingdom caused an exceptionally negative reaction. However, over time, the European partners have reconciled themselves with the changes in the political map of the world and have begun to look for advantages from cooperation. Now in the North Bartanta mainly commercial organizations work, however the positive dynamics proves that representatives of official Europe will join them soon too. Currently, negotiations are underway between the Northern Barkant and the European countries on the exchange of diplomatic missions.