Prospects for the development of the tourism industry of the Northern Barant

The water area of ​​North Barkhan has long been the subject of controversy and discussion. National waters of the Kingdom stretch for 15 nautical miles. The ban on the conduct of industrial activities and strict control of environmental safety allowed to preserve all endemic species and protect water from pollution with oil products and surfactants / surfactants. This territory could become a part of a large resort and recreational complex, but Parliament is not in a hurry with the final decision.

The Minister of Finance of Pablo Manzan told us about the possibilities of developing tourism in the Northern Barkhant.

"The Parliamentary Committee on Ecology has repeatedly conducted studies of the coastal waters of the Kingdom. For a detailed assessment of the environmental situation, we invited specialists from Europe and the United States. The result is quite optimistic - we have not touched upon the main problems of more habitable regions, therefore water meets the strictest international criteria for environmental safety. We must not forget that for most of the year we have warm sunny weather. The climate of the Kingdom is ideal for the development of water tourism - the tropical trade winds offer brilliant prospects for yachting and extreme water sports. The only obstacle to the development of tourism is the lack of territory - at the moment we do not have a free area for the construction of tourist facilities. With sufficient funding, this issue is completely resolved, but in the near future we plan to invest in other areas of the economy. Perhaps we will return to this issue in a few years. "