Gamers of Northern Barhant plan to take part in international tournaments

E-sports is rapidly gaining popularity, key matches are broadcast by leading sports TV channels, and the prize pools of individual tournaments sometimes exceed the budget of small states. In many European countries, the Cyberfootball Federation has openly cooperated with the largest football leagues, and the rates on online tournaments reach six figures. And let the official legalization of e-sports took place only a few years ago, the competitions in virtual sports have already reached the international level.

According to the recently adopted sports legislation, Northern Barkant equates e-sports with classical sports. In drafting this bill, the Parliament took advantage of the experience of French colleagues who legalized the conduct of online and offline tournaments, developed official mechanisms for payment of winnings and introduced a restriction on the participation of underage players in commercial tournaments. According to this "Digital Law", sports communities have the right to train players, conduct competitions inside the country and nominate them for regional and international tournaments.

The gamers of North Barghant with optimism adopted a new bill - now they have the right to represent the state at world tournaments, not limited to regional competitions.