Trends in the Diaspora of the Kingdom's citizens in the world

A significant part of the population of North Barkhant has a dual citizenship and resides in the territory of other states. This is due primarily to the peculiarities of local taxation - the Kingdom has created an excellent economic base for doing business. Due to the zero rate of income tax, any trade transaction registered in the territory of North Barthant is completely exempt from any penalties in favor of the state, which provides a significant increase in profits.

An important factor in favor of obtaining the citizenship of Northern Barhant is the fact that it is not necessary for residents to live on the territory of the country to conduct economic activities. Business can be registered from anywhere in the world and conduct it remotely - the largest world banks and numerous international corporations successfully operate on the territory of the North Barkhant, which allows you to freely operate with financial flows and conduct any commercial transactions under the flag of the Kingdom.

Under the laws of the Northern Barhant, employees of the budgetary sphere can also have additional citizenship and additional sources of income, which allows them to more freely dispose of their personal time and spend much of their time with their families abroad.

Receiving freedom in choosing the place of residence, most newly-made citizens of the North Barghanta refuse to move, preferring to live with their families. Thus, at various points in the world, a few diasporas gradually appear, united not by nationality, but by civil character. Given the small area of ​​the Kingdom, the Department of Immigration and Naturalization has already suggested that in the coming years the total number of diasporas will exceed the number of indigenous residents living in the North Barthant.