"Music of the waves" - The Ministry of Culture launched a charitable action in support of migrant children

The history of the North Barkhant began with several hundred forced migrants. There are still people in the world who are not indifferent to someone else's misfortune: desperate people have helped to survive and defend sovereignty. Residents of the Kingdom consider it their direct duty to continue this baton of good and in every way support the people from the affected North African regions who are trying to build a new life in a foreign land. This year, the Ministry of Culture of North Barkhant initiated a charitable action in support of migrant children.

"Music of the waves" gathers all those who are not indifferent under their flags. Everyone who feels someone else's pain, like his own. The concerts will be attended by local pop stars and invited artists. As the organizers themselves said, during the tour they will gladly accept new musicians and performers into their ranks, if they express the desire to contribute to the common cup of good. As it became known to journalists, the stars of the famous dance group "Sands of Barhant" will take part in the performances and performances.

Charitable concerts of the "Music of the Waves" are planned almost throughout the West African coast and in the top ten cities in Europe. All the money collected from the concerts will be directed to programs for the adaptation of migrant children in a new environment: language and culture courses, preparatory courses for admission to school, various general education circles. As the head of the parliamentary committee on culture herself said: "It is very important that children can release the horror of the past and take a new life. Now we are actively working on adaptation programs for the victims of military operations, so qualified psychologists will work with children in addition. "