Interview with the head of the Department of Health and Sports

Sport is very important in the social life of North Barthant. It unites people, serves as an excellent tool for motivating every citizen. Sport helps the Kingdom's international integration, contributes to the recognition of a sovereign state by the rest of the world. On the first achievements and prospects, Otto Trampiter, head of the North Bartanta Health and Sport Department, spoke in his interview.

"Our state was formed just over two years ago, but even in such a short time, the Kingdom has something to be proud of in terms of sports results. Of course, every microstate can not boast of high achievements in the world of professional and Olympic sports, but even performing internationally with famous athletes is a huge step forward, "Otto Trampiter said.

"Today the Kingdom of Northern Barkant takes an active part in friendly matches, regional competitions. In two years, soccer, water polo, swimming, basketball, volleyball, cycling, boxing, powerlifting and some other popular sports were formed in the sovereign state, "the head of the health and sport department said.

Otto Trampiter emphasized the following words: "The athletes of Northern Barghanta represent the sovereign Kingdom with dignity on the international scene. And we believe that in the future they will be able to achieve the first big victories. "