Since 2015, Anna Macco is the honorary president of the "Golden Sands of Barchant" and a member of the Board of Trustees of the African Union "Happy Childhood of Barchant". Under the patronage of Her Majesty the work of several funds to help African refugees is stimulated. For the special care shown to vulnerable people and refugees, the Parliament has awarded Anna Macco with the Order of St. Teresa.

In her spare time Anna enjoys playing chess and kite surfing, learns Chinese. At the same time, she knows English, Latvian and Russian. A lot of time is devoted to the issues close to her heart – she visits social institutions, medical centers, teaching children. As acknowledged by the people, who personally know the Queen, she is humble, responsive and kind to the people surrounding her. Anna Macco is not married.

In her beliefs, Anna advocates for world peace, friendship among peoples and the freedom of religion.