Anna Macco was born on June 5, 1995 in a family of travelers.

Due to the parents’ frequent trips and change of places of residence, Anna received education in the educational institutions of several countries, which included Russia, the United Kingdom and China. The emphasis in education was made on the study of world history, international law and economics.

During her studies, Anna meets and maintains friendly relations with the activists of youth movements and associations of African and European countries.

Since 2010, Anna is actively involved in volunteer and charitable activities. Together with friends, she is involved in the work of charities such as Cáritas Española, HAP. Going against the will of her parents, in 2011 Anna temporarily leaves her studies and goes for a year with a volunteer mission to Morocco. During her stay in the country, Anna pays attention to the incident with fishermen-berbers, for economic reasons finding themselves in a desperate situation in neutral waters near the Canary Islands.

Anna comes into the fight for the rights of seamen-refugees. She is supported by followers. Anna is in correspondence with the Ministries of Foreign Affairs of the African and European countries in order to solve the legal issues and determine the status of an international group of people, by a twist of fate, finding themselves in a difficult situation.

During personal meetings with all parties and participants of the incident, Anna Macco advances the initiative of associating disenfranchised refugees into the independent community to protect their own rights and interests. In her public speeches, she begins to call for the creation of the micro-state in the region.

Due to developed leadership skills, Anna manages to rally the abandoned team, to change their rightless position and get the status of the self-declared Kingdom of North Barchant. In the sign of appreciation and respect, the first citizens of North Barchant turn to Anna Macco asking her to be the leader of their fight and to take the title of "Queen of North Barchant". On 10 January 2016, the title is assigned to her officially.