One of Anna Macco’s first steps after the solemn coronation on 24 January 2016 was conducting general parliamentary elections. During the next month, the Parliament was formed, and Her Majesty affirmed its legitimacy.

Being at the onset of creating the Kingdom of North Barchant, Anna Macco and her colleagues were actively establishing friendly relations with many micro-states and their associations. These contacts later helped her to carry out many initiatives, aimed at the development and recognition of the Kingdom of North Barchant.

As the head of the Kingdom of North Barchant Anna Macco signed and approved a number of documents. Including:

● Declaration of independence of the Kingdom of North Barchant;

● Declaration of individual liberty, freedom of speech, freedom of conscience and beliefs;

● Memorandum on the absence of territorial and property claims to other states on the part of the Kingdom of North Barchant;

● Agreement for the avoidance of double taxation, for cooperation in the fields of culture, education and science;

● The law about dual citizenship and a number of other important documents.

Her Majesty called the Parliament of North Barchant as a matter of priority for ratifying a number of conventions adopted by the UN General Assembly. These include: Convention on the Elimination of All Forms of Discrimination Against Women; International Convention on the Elimination of All Forms of Racial Discrimination; Charter on the rights of immigrant workers in South Africa; ILO Convention No. 169 on Indigenous and Tribal Peoples in Independent Countries; documents aimed at development of mutual understanding and cooperation with other countries. The Queen called the government of North Barchant for supporting the UN Global Plan of Action for Combating Extremism.

In the economic sphere, Anna Macco advocates for the plan of simplifying registration procedures for non-resident companies and for the replacement of the tax rate for companies in the status of IBC for the annual financial charges.

As the head of the state, Anna Macco performs the following functions:

● carries out public and private visits, representing the Kingdom in nearby regions and around the world;

● takes part in ceremonies and meetings;

● strengthens and supports the image of the Kingdom of North Barchant as a peaceful and friendly state, forward-looking on the way of universal education and prosperity;

● keeps constant contact with the population of the Kingdom of North Barchant;

● actively participates in public discussions on topics relevant to the political and social life of the Kingdom.