Parliamentary Committee on Customs Matters

The economy of any modern state depends on foreign trade connections. Open policy welcomes foreign investment and free trade with neighboring countries.

The Customs Committee is included into the of structure executive bodies and manages the customs operations of the state, monitors the legislative side of foreign trade connections and transit of goods through the country.

The main task of the Committee is to protect the economic interests of the state and its citizens.


The main functions of the Committee are:

• work on the creation and realization of the general customs policy;

• ensuring favorable environment for the development of the national economy;

• development of foreign trade

• improving the means of implementation of customs operations;

• monitoring compliance with existing legislation;

• cooperation with other countries in the field of customs issues;

• law enforcement activities, the fight against smuggling and violations of customs rules;

• collection of customs taxes and customs duties.

The Committee works in close cooperation with a number of other state bodies and public organizations.