Human Rights Parliamentary Committee

Every citizen of the state is a free and independent person, with the right to self-determination and respect. The Human Rights Committee of the Kingdom of North Barchant at the state level defends the honor and dignity of citizens.


In today's world, the standard of living of population is determined by the observance of its rights and freedoms. Members of the Human Rights Committee in their work strictly observe the UN Covenant on Civil and Political Rights of 1996.

Today, every citizen is free to express his or her political and religious position. This is especially important for foreign businessmen and tourists – locals warmly welcome guests, regardless of their cultural differences, with interest acquaint with the traditions and customs of other nations.

The main functions of the Committee:

• analysis of the reports on the measures that have been taken to ensure respect for the natural and political rights and freedoms;

• making recommendations on the reports examined;

• consideration of reports on violations of human rights and the development of special measures, which should be applied to violators;

• complaints of those who consider themselves the victims of human rights violations.

The Human Rights Committee can be addressed by anyone who believes that his or her rights have been violated. This complaint can be filed both the person himself/herself, and his/her representatives (trustees, lawyers, relatives). The Committee shall examine even complaints of those, who are in prison or in a psychiatric hospital.