Parliamentary Committee on Ecology

Nature protection and control of natural resources are under jurisdiction of the department of Ecology Committee. The State takes care of the environment and public health. In this regard, the committee faces challenges:

• Development and implementation of laws regarding the protection of the environment, namely the purification of the Atlantic waters from industrial and household waste;

• control of research and irregular examination of the level of pollution of specific areas of water environment, surrounding the Kingdom of North Barchant;

• sanitary and epidemiological safety of the population;

• collection and analysis of statistical data, ongoing monitoring of the environment condition;

• constant monitoring of human impact on the environment.

The Committee's work is built in accordance with current legislation and is aimed to ensure favorable environmental conditions for all citizens of the Kingdom of North Barchant. In its activity, the Committee interacts closely with government agencies, community organizations and individual citizens.

The Committee also conducts active educational activities and informs citizens of the Kingdom of North Barchant about environmental state in the country.