Parliamentary Security Committee

Border security and the security of the country – the most important task of any sovereign state. The Security Committee always has a job, even in times of peace, when the world political arena develops stable picture, it is necessary to eradicate the germs of future threats.

The range of the Security Committee’s tasks is extremely wide:

• protection of the state borders;

• protection of the sovereignty of the state;

• security of government and key political leaders;

• combating the terrorist threat;

• fight against radical organizations;

• ensuring the stability of the political system;

• development and implementation of programs on ensuring the economic, information and other types of security;

• cooperation with relevant structures of other countries to ensure the safety of own country;

• improving mechanisms, ensuring compliance with the rights and freedoms of citizens.


The main indicator of the quality of work of the Security Committee – a stable level of life of the population and reliable position of the state at the world arena. Many of the Committee's projects remain unknown to the general public (held under the crypto "confidential"), so the level of training of the Committee staff can be assessed only by indirect indicators. We can say with confidence that security officers perform their duties adequately.

The Committee's work is carried out in strict compliance with applicable laws and international treaties.