Ministry of Foreign Affairs

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs is included into the group of government agencies relating to the executive branch. This means that its work is directly aimed at the administration of the state and meeting the most important needs and demands of its citizens.

The main objective of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs – positioning the state on the international arena. The wide range of tasks includes:

● development and implementation of the state foreign policy;

● monitoring compliance with regulatory and international relations;

● drawing up the necessary proposals to the state head, through which the implementation of the chosen course of foreign policy is carried out;

● upholding the independence and integrity of the kingdom (guaranteed by international treaties);

● protection of rights and interests of local people, participation in the life of the citizens residing on the territory of other states;

● participation in international organizations and non-governmental projects;

● implementation of state policies in the sphere of relations with the closest neighbors and partners from other regions.

The activities of the Ministry are carried out in accordance with applicable legislation, regulations issued by the government and the head of state, as well as existing international treaties.

The main task of the Ministry is building diplomatic relations with other states and conducting the approved foreign policy.

In accordance with the Vienna Convention on Diplomatic Relations of 1961, diplomatic relations between the countries can be established only if there is a mutual agreement, they may exist even at the absence of the Embassy.


From the overall performance of the Ministry and the professionalism of its employees, the official relations with the countries of near and far abroad depend.

The Ministry is headed by Foreign Minister Katherine Moon from February 15, 2016, which represents the state during negotiations with other countries, carries out the signing of international treaties, makes appointments to the positions of employees of the leadership apparatus.

Open government policy imposes a significant imprint on the work of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs. In turn, the state is open to foreign delegations – the Ministry aspires to demonstrate its goodwill, to position the country in a favorable light.