Ministry of Information

The main task of the Ministry of Information and Mass Communications is the support of the media and the implementation of public projects in the information field. In particular, the Ministry of Information acquaints the country's population with key government directives and decrees, conducting large-scale coverage of all national holidays and significant events, tells of the most important occurrences in the country and in the world.


The Ministry of Information is an integral part of the system of state bodies, and plays a very significant role. In this day and age, when the free access of citizens to information is their inalienable right, the importance of the work of the Ministry cannot be overestimated. The ability of the state to be the part of the global information space is directly dependent on its efficiency.

In the development of future development projects, the Government is focused on global values – freedom of speech, press and self-expression. The free state is gradually moving away from taboos and prohibitions.

Among the main functions of the Ministry there are:

● development of the foundations of normative legal regulation of social relations in the field of distribution of information and information technologies;

● gathering information, allowing to study public opinion on important issues for maintaining the stability of national life;

● coordinating the flows of information, generated by all state bodies.

In addition, the duties of the Ministry include controlling the quality of the information product that is distributed by the media of all kinds.

In order to develop the state media, the Ministry conducts complex work on attracting investments and carries out modernization of technical equipment needed to operate in today's information space.


The Ministry of Information is working for the good of society. Today, citizens have access to nearly all the world's resources: TV, radio, Internet, print media. At the same time only subversive or offensive materials are excluded from the information flow. The best indicator of the excellent work of the Ministry of Information can be considered ordinary citizens - free, independent and informed.

Today the ministry is headed by Olin Makoff.