Department of Health and Sport

Responsibility for the health of citizens rests with the Healthcare and Sports Department and directly with its head, the Department Head Otto Trampiter.

Long-term plans of the Healthcare and Sports Department are aimed at supporting talented youth – in cooperation with the Ministry of Information, the Government conducts mass agitation for healthy lifestyle.

It is worth noting the long-term program on provision of sanitary-epidemiological security of the population. Peculiarities of the geographical location and climatic conditions of the country often became earlier the cause of many diseases. Difficulties also arose due to the low level of education among the population. Fortunately, this problem is successfully solved - wide educational activities, together with the implementation of disease prevention targeted programs helped to reduce to minimum the risk of epidemics.

The Healthcare and Sports Department leads a diversified work on many directions, the most important of which are: provision of the necessary mobility of management structures of healthcare and sports.

Important functions of the Department include:

● organization of sports activities at various levels and monitoring of their implementation;


● monitoring compliance with the conditions of supply;

● monitoring compliance with the sanitary safety by the population.

The Department pays great attention to the work, aimed at implementing and promoting healthy lifestyle.

The development of information technologies, aimed to improve the quality of services rendered to the population is also an important area of activity of the Department. Implementation of paperless technologies allows to significantly accelerate the work and to improve the availability of information.