Police Department

The Police Department was founded by the decree of the Queen of North Barchant on January 20, 2016. From the first day of its formation and to the present, the Head of the Department is the General of Police Sergey Nikolaev.

The police department is the main body for maintaining law and order in the country. Staffing passes rigorous selection – only the best professionals get the coveted badge, and the opportunity to work for the good of the state and society.

The police department is an extremely important structural department ensuring performance of the state and security of its citizens. The level of the staff’s work is easy to estimate looking at the statistics of disclosed offenses.

Among the many responsibilities of the Department, the main ones are:

● insurance of law and order;

● work on the threat of terrorism;

● maintenance of public order within the territory under their jurisdiction;

● implementation of administrative control;

● carrying out rescue operations.

Working in modern conditions, the Department is at any moment ready to fulfill decisions of the relevant state bodies.


Since the work of employees of the Department is often associated with extreme situations, they have very broad powers, including the ability to use coercive methods. But the main methods, ensuring respect for the rule of law and protection of the fundamental freedoms of citizens are convincing and prevention.

The citizens of the Kingdom of North Barchant can always count on the assistance of police. The department staff will listen to any request related to the scope of department’s activities, and will immediately take all appropriate measures. With this you can easily focus on the Pan-European rules of law – criminal and administrative codes are very similar to those adopted in most civilized countries.

Police Department of the Kingdom of North Barchant constructively and fruitfully cooperate with the Interior Ministries and Police Departments of many countries all over the world.