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10 out of million ways to become a citizen of The Kingdom of North Barchant

10 out of million ways to become a citizen of The Kingdom of North Barchant

Gaining citizenship of North Barchant consists of two stages - getting the status of citizenship applicant and a card (Blue Card); and gaining the full citizenship and a passport of the Kingdom. We’re often asked how to become our citizen, our answer is an activity for the good of the Kingdom and its citizens. We made a list of 10 options for how you can demonstrate your activity. Certainly, they aren’t exhaustive and there are many other ways to take part in the development of the state and society.

1. Inviting new citizens to become a part of the Kingdom and forming the community

Our citizens are the basis of our state and its sovereignty, and their activity is its main driving force. If you can actively promote the Kingdom’s ideas attracting new citizens, you can not only get a passport but also become an honorary consul and coordinator in your region.

2. Helping other citizens of the Kingdom

Mutual help is the main principle of the Kingdom. We actively develop interaction between our citizens and are ready to promote it in every possible way. There’s a special functionality on the site allowing offering your help in a few main areas, as well as addressing another person who has the required set of useful skills.  Helping others is a worthy turning of the Kingdom’s ideas into reality and will be noted by the government and you’ll become a full citizen.

3. Organizing cultural and social events in cooperation with the Kingdom

The organization of various holidays, competitions and concerts is an important component of the Kingdom. If you are going to organize an event, you can involve KNB as an information partner and resource for help. The active involvement of the Kingdom in the development of the cultural and social sphere is a great way to get the full range of citizen rights and the precious blue book with the word ‘Passport’.

Example: The Kingdom of North Barchant supported running the DICECHESS chess tournament

Example: North Barchant gives support to holding ‘Form of Life. Crimean format 2019’ festival"

4. Representing the Kingdom at competitions and conferences

Taking part in competitions and conferences of the regional, national or international level, you can perform under the flag of KNB or its affiliation. Developing sports, a healthy lifestyle, education and science are the priority areas of KNB development and related participation won’t go unnoticed. Active athletes, teachers, researchers and just social volunteers of the Kingdom have every reason to claim citizenship.

Example: The Kingdom of North Barchant admitted Fedor Mencha to citizenship

5. Providing news, photos for the gallery on the Kingdom’s official site

Since people and creating strong contacts are essential for the Kingdom, we will be happy to post interesting and important news from the lives of our citizens and citizenship applicants: you like to travel and you can share photos and stories about amazing places - this is very interesting to us; you take part in competitions, contests or scientific conferences - great, we are ready to “keep our fingers crossed” and get happy for your success; you have married or your child has been born - this is wonderful, we are ready to congratulate you on behalf of the first persons of the state.

By the way, we have our own marriage procedures with issuing a marriage certificate. Active participation in filling the news feed with interesting materials can also be the basis for gaining the citizenship of the Kingdom of North Barchant, as well as a good way of promoting your talents since the number of visitors of our information resources constantly grows.

Example: The citizens of the Kingdom of North Barchant visited the US

Example: Exhibition of  Louis Vuitton Foundation in Moscow

Example: A trip to Azov

6. Performing the tasks offered by the Kingdom’s government

The Kingdom’s government often needs the help of citizens whether this is technical maintenance of the site or developing a new design for postal stamps. Active participation in these projects can be the basis for gaining citizenship.

7. Making suggestions and active participation in the development of the Kingdom.

The Kingdom of North Barchant is a young state, which is still forming many government and social institutions, developing the economic basis. Active making suggestions and, most importantly, taking part in their implementation are a serious activity, which can result in enhancing the status of our state and its strengthening, and make you a citizen of the Kingdom.

8. The active participation in the site and forum development, as well as coverage of the Kingdom’s activity

An important feature of North Barchant is that this is a virtual state based on the constant interaction of many hundreds of people via the internet. That’s why we put an emphasis on our site and forum, as well as the dissemination of information about our activity. You can become an active participant of social life taking part in developing this field of our state and the Queen will honor your achievements with a special order about gaining citizenship.

Examples: KNB honorary consul in Crimea handed a newswoman of the "Pervy Krymsky" (‘First Crimean’) channel the passport  

9. Volunteer activity on behalf of the Kingdom of North Barchant

The Kingdom of North Barchant and Her Majesty highly appreciate volunteer activity for the benefit of our planet, society and culture, animal and plant life. Things aimed at solving the most important problems of the modern world can not only win the support on the part of the Kingdom but also provide the gaining of your Barchant passport.

10. Special achievements, with the order of the Queen of North Barchant

Her Majesty Queen Anna Macco highly appreciates the personal contribution of everyone who wants to become a citizen of North Barchant, that’s why any positive activity can become the basis for signing a special order about your admittance to Kingdom’s citizenship.

There are many ways of demonstrating your activity and, as a result, gaining the Kingdom of North Barchant’s citizenship.

Moreover, people who are already the Kingdom’s citizens can be encouraged for active participation in the life of the state becoming honorary citizens, receiving letters of gratitude, gifts and even be awarded the state award of North Barchant - the Order of Saint Anna 1st or 2nd class.